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Pre Delivery Inspection PDI Toronto CondosTop Tips for Your Condo PDI (Pre-delivery inspection)


- Take your time...this is your place bought with your money!

- Check that all outlets work by taking a small appliance that you can plug in

- Bring a flashlight in case you need to look in dark places

- Check your cupboards to ensure they are stable and even and not misaligned

- Make sure the dryer is venting to the outside

- Look for any dents/scratches on appliances

- Ensure there is no grout where it is not supposed to be and ensure trim is painted on all sides


- Focus on most important rooms. Kitchen is tops, then bathroom. Make sure you spend thorough time here

- Consider bringing someone with you; it helps to have an extra set of eyes with you

- Lastly, ensure the square footage you bought is what you got!


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